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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Ezekiel Chapter 37


Having announced (Eze 36:24-38) the restoration of the nation, Jehovah now gives in vision and symbol the method of its accomplishment. (Eze 37:11) gives the clue. The "bones" are the whole house of Israel who shall then be living. The "graves" are the nations where they dwell. The order of procedure is:

(1) the bringing of the people out (Eze 37:12-14); (Eze 37:19-27).

(2) the bringing of them in (Eze 37:12);

(3) their conversion (Eze 37:13)

(4) the filling with the Spirit (Eze 37:14).

The symbol follows. The two sticks are Judah and the ten tribes; united, they are one nation (Eze 37:19-21). Then follows (Eze 37:21-27) the plain declaration as to Jehovah's purpose, and (Eze 37:28) implies that then Jehovah will become known to the Gentiles in a marked way. This is also the order of (Act 15:16); (Act 15:17) and the two passages strongly indicate the time of full Gentile conversion. See also (Isa 11:10).

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