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Exodus Chapter 20

Exodus 20:4

exo 20:4

shalt not make

There is a threefold giving of the law. First, orally, in (Exo 20:1-17). This was pure law, with no provision of priesthood and sacrifice for failure, and was accompanied by the "judgments"; (Exo 21:1-23); (Exo 21:13); relating to the relations of Hebrew with Hebrew; to which were added (Exo 23:14-19) directions for keeping three annual feasts, and (Exo 23:20-33) instructions for the conquest of Canaan. These words Moses communicated to the people. (Exo 24:3-8). Immediately, in the persons of their elders, they were admitted to the fellowship of God. (Exo 24:9-11).

Second, Moses was then called up to receive the tables of stone. (Exo 24:12-18). The story then divides. Moses, in the mount, receives the gracious instructions concerning the tabernacle, priesthood, and sacrifice (Exodus 25-31) Meantime (Exodus 32), the people, led by Aaron, break the first commandment. Moses, returning, breaks the tables "written with the finger of God."; (Exo 31:18); (Exo 32:16-19).

Third, the second tables were made by Moses, and the law again written by the hand of Jehovah (Exo 34:1); (Exo 34:28); (Exo 34:29); (Deu 10:4).

Exodus 20:18

exo 20:18

afar off

For contrast between law and grace, Compare (Eph 2:13); (Luk 1:10) with (Heb 10:19-22).

Exodus 20:20

exo 20:20


(See Scofield) - (Psa 19:9).

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