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The Scofield Bible Commentary, by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, [1917], at

Exodus Chapter 16

Exodus 16:1

exo 16:1

second month

That is, May.

Exodus 16:15

exo 16:15


(See Scofield) - (Exo 16:35).

Exodus 16:16

exo 16:16


Compare (Joh 6:33); (Joh 6:41); (Joh 6:42); (Joh 6:52).

Christ gives himself unreservedly, but we have no more of Him than faith appropriates, (Exo 16:18); (Exo 16:2); (Jos 1:1). (Exo 16:2) is our title. (Exo 16:3) is the law of possession:

Exodus 16:20

exo 16:20


As we are not nourished by the memory of food, so neither can spirituality be sustained on past appropriations of Christ.

Exodus 16:35

exo 16:35


Manna, type of Christ as the "bread of life," come down from heaven to die "for the life of the world." (Joh 6:35); (Joh 6:48-51). A "small" thing (Exo 16:14) having but the taste of "fresh oil." (Num 11:8) or "wafers with honey" (Exo 16:31); it typifies Christ in humiliation as presented in Matthew, Mark, and Luke; "having no form nor comeliness; . . . no beauty that we should desire him" (Isa 53:2). But as such He must be received by faith if we would be saved (Joh 6:53-58). To meditate upon Christ as He went about among men, doing not His own will but the will of the Father (Joh 6:38-40) is to feed on the manna. This is, of necessity, the spiritual food of young believers, and answers to "milk" (Co1 3:1); (Co1 3:2).

But Christ in glory, and the believer's present and eternal association with Him there, answers to "the old corn of the land" (Jos 5:11) the "meat" of (Heb 5:13); (Heb 5:14) or Christ as presented in the Epistles of Paul.

Compare (Co2 5:16).

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