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Exodus Chapter 12

Exodus 12:2

exo 12:2

first month

That is, April.

Exodus 12:11

exo 12:11


The Passover, type of Christ our Redeemer (Exo 12:1-28); (Joh 1:29); (Co1 5:6); (Co1 5:7); (Pe1 1:18); (Pe1 1:19).

(1) The lamb must be without blemish, and to test this it was kept up for four days (Exo 12:5); (Exo 12:6). So our Lord's public life, under hostile scrutiny, was the testing which proved his holiness; (Luk 11:53); (Luk 11:54); (Joh 8:46); (Joh 18:38).

(2) The Lamb thus tested must be slain (Exo 12:6); (Joh 12:24); (Heb 9:22).

(3) The blood must be applied (Exo 12:7) This answers to appropriation by personal faith, and refutes universalism (Joh 3:36).

(4) The blood thus applied of itself, without anything, constituted a perfect protection from judgment (Exo 12:13); (Jo1 1:7); (Heb 10:10); (Heb 10:14).

(5) The feast typified Christ as the bread of life, answering to the memorial supper. (Mat 26:26-28); (Co1 11:23-26). To observe the feast was a duty and privilege, but not a condition of safety. As a matter of fact, the bread was not eaten by the Israelites on the night in which, nevertheless, they were preserved from the judgment upon the firstborn. (Exo 12:34-39).

Exodus 12:38

exo 12:38


This mixed multitude, standing for unconverted church-members, was a source of weakness and division, then as now (Num 11:4-6).

(See Scofield) - (Num 11:4).

There had been a manifestation of divine power, and men were drawn to it without change of heart.

Compare (Luk 14:25-27).

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