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Exodus Chapter 7

Exodus 7:5

exo 7:5


A prophetic sign also. The nations shall know Jehovah when He restores and blesses Israel in the kingdom. (Isa 2:1-3); (Isa 11:10-1214); (Isa 11:1); (Isa 60:4-5); (Eze 37:28).

Exodus 7:11

exo 7:11


Compare (Ti2 3:8); (Exo 8:18).

Neither Satan nor his tools can create life: (Rev 13:15) will be a "lying wonder": (Th2 2:9).

Exodus 7:12

exo 7:12

Aaron's rod

(Cf) (Exo 4:2) As Moses' rod was the rod of power, the rod of the King (Deu 33:4); (Deu 33:5) so Aaron's was the rod of life, the rod of the Priest. As here the serpents, symbols of Satan, who had the power of death; (Rev 12:9); (Heb 2:14) are swallowed up, so in resurrection death will be "swallowed up in victory"; (Co1 15:54); (Num 17:8).

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