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2 Chronicles Introduction

2 Chronicles

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Book Introduction - 2 Chronicles

This book continues the history begun in First Chronicles. It falls into eighteen divisions, by reigns, from Solomon to the captivities; records the division of the kingdom of David under Jeroboam and Rehoboam, and is marked by an ever growing apostasy, broken temporarily by reformations under Asa, (1 Chronicles 14-16); Jehoshaphat, (1 Chronicles 17:1-19); Joash, (1 Chronicles 24); Hezekiah, (1 Chronicles 29-32); and Josiah, (1 Chronicles 34-35). But the religious state of the people, even at the best, is described in Isaiah 1-5.

The events recorded in Second Chronicles cover a period of 427 years. (Ussher).

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