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1 Kings (1 Samuel) Chapter 29

1 Kings (1 Samuel)

sa1 29:0

(Sa1 29:1-5) David objected to by the Philistines.

(Sa1 29:6-11) He is dismissed by Achish.

1 Kings (1 Samuel) 29:1

sa1 29:1

David waited with a secret hope that the Lord would help him out of his difficulty. But he seems to have been influenced too much by the fear of man, in consenting to attend Achish. It is hard to come near to the brink of sin, and not to fall in. God inclined the princes of the Philistines to oppose David's being employed in the battle. Thus their dislike befriended him, when no friend could do him such a kindness.

1 Kings (1 Samuel) 29:6

sa1 29:6

David scarcely ever had a greater deliverance than when dismissed from such insnaring service. God's people should always behave themselves so, as, if possible, to get the good word of all they have dealings with: and it is due to those who have acted well, to speak well of them.

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