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Judges Chapter 10


jdg 10:0

(Jdg 10:1-5) Tola and Jair judge Israel.

(Jdg 10:6-9) The Philistines and Ammonites oppress Israel.

(Jdg 10:10-18) Israel's repentance.

Judges 10:1

jdg 10:1

Quiet and peaceable reigns, though the best to live in, yield least variety of matter to be spoken of. Such were the days of Tola and Jair. They were humble, active, and useful men, rulers appointed of God.

Judges 10:6

jdg 10:6

Now the threatening was fulfilled, that the Israelites should have no power to stand before their enemies, Lev 26:17, Lev 26:37. By their evil ways and their evil doings they procured this to themselves.

Judges 10:10

jdg 10:10

God is able to multiply men's punishments according to the numbers of their sins and idols. But there is hope when sinners cry to the Lord for help, and lament their ungodliness as well as their more open transgressions. It is necessary, in true repentance, that there be a full conviction that those things cannot help us which we have set in competition with God. They acknowledged what they deserved, yet prayed to God not to deal with them according to their deserts. We must submit to God's justice, with a hope in his mercy. True repentance is not only for sin, but from sin. As the disobedience and misery of a child are a grief to a tender father, so the provocations of God's people are a grief to him. From him mercy never can be sought in vain. Let then the trembling sinner, and the almost despairing backslider, cease from debating about God's secret purposes, or from expecting to find hope from former experiences. Let them cast themselves on the mercy of God our Saviour, humble themselves under his hand, seek deliverance from the powers of darkness, separate themselves from sin, and from occasions of it, use the means of grace diligently, and wait the Lord's time, and so they shall certainly rejoice in his mercy.

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