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Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament, by Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsh, [1857-78], at

Exodus Chapter 37

Exodus 37:1

exo 37:1

Preparation of the vessels of the dwelling: viz., the ark of the covenant (Exo 37:1-9, as in Exo 25:10-22); the table of shew-bread and its vessels (Exo 37:10-16, as in Exo 25:23-30); the candlestick (Exo 37:17-24, as in Exo 25:31-40); the altar of incense (Exo 37:25-28, as in Exo 30:1-10); the anointing oil and incense (Exo 37:29), directions for the preparation of which are given in Ex 30:22-38; the altar of burnt-offering (Exo 38:1-7, as in Exo 27:1-8); the laver (Exo 37:8, as in Exo 30:17-21); and the court (Exo 37:9-20, as in Exo 27:9-19). The order corresponds on the whole to the list of the separate articles in Exo 35:11-19, and to the construction of the entire sanctuary; but the holy chest (the ark), as being the most holy thing of all, is distinguished above all the rest, by being expressly mentioned as the work of Bezaleel, the chief architect of the whole.

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