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Psalms Chapter 145

Psalm 145 goes on in thought into the millennium, after the distress is over, and the full deliverance can be celebrated. It is Christ in spirit perhaps even in person as in the midst of Israel, leading the praises of Jehovah, and awakening them amongst men. Hence, though only expressing purpose, it is a dialogue in its character. First, he expresses his own purpose of praising Jehovah, and for ever and ever. One generation should do it to another. "I will speak." One sees his heart is full of praise, and he speaks of it (Psa 145:5). "And men shall speak of the might of Jehovah's terrible acts. And I will declare thy greatness. They shall speak of the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness." Then he breaks off most beautifully to speak of the goodness: for still out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. All Jehovah's works shall praise Him. The saints bless Him. Their subject shall be the glory of Jehovah's kingdom and His power, to make known to the mass of mankind His acts, and the glorious majesty of His kingdom, and that an everlasting one. Then in Verses 14-20 (Psa 145:14-20) His character is spoken of. Verse 21 (Psa 145:21) returns to the purpose of heart of the leader of praise. It is as man Christ speaks here "my God." Jehovah is looked at as King. In general, the outward acts and greatness are more in the mouth of the rest what Jehovah is in the leader's, though he does celebrate His wondrous works. Still the greatness and excellency and majesty of Jehovah are that which we see his heart full of, as Psa 145:3; Psa 145:5; Psa 145:8-10; and so, in general, His gracious ways and character (Psa 145:14-19). It is to be remarked that there is the leader who speaks in the psalm, the saints (the Jewish remnant), and the world in general, the sons of Adam. It is of the highest interest in this way; because we have Messiah fulfilling the word, "My praise shall be of thee in the great congregation." And how full in heart He is of His praises! Jehovah's kingdom is set up; the Messiah in the midst of Israel first, then the preserved saints, and then, through their leading, all the world join in His praises, for His greatness, goodness, and wonderful works.

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