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Synopsis of the Books of the Bible, by John Nelson Darby, [1857-62], at

Psalms Chapter 133

Psalm 133. The people are now dwelling together in unity. It is as the anointing of Aaron, which, poured on the head, gave the odours of divine favor on all, as the abundant dew of the lofty hills, but which brought, however high its source, its refreshing power where God had ordained blessing and life for evermore. [See Note #1] I see no need to seek for any mountain of a like name near Hermon, but the contrary.

Note #1

This is one of the two places where life for evermore, life eternal, is spoken of in the Old Testament; the other is Daniel 12; both as accomplished in the time of blessing to come. In the New Testament, I need not say, it is fully revealed in Christ, and he that believes in Him has everlasting life.

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