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Synopsis of the Books of the Bible, by John Nelson Darby, [1857-62], at

Psalms Chapter 95

From Psalms 95 to 100 we have the progress of the introduction of the Only-begotten into the world most distinctly brought out; but here, all through, seen as Jehovah coming from heaven in judgment, and at length taking His place between the cherubim, and calling up the world to worship Him there. It puts the setting up of Israel in blessing by power, in contrast with their old failure when first delivered.

Psalm 95 summons Israel to come with joyful songs and thanksgiving before Jehovah (verses 3-4 (Psa 95:3-4) describing His excellency above the gods and as Creator). But Jehovah is Israel's Maker, his God also; and now they may look for rest even after so long time and continued failure. Till power comes in to judgment, while it is called today for in that great tomorrow no evil and no rebellious will be allowed they are called upon not to harden their hearts as of old in the wilderness, when God swear that they should not enter into His rest. But now, after all, grace says Today, and invites to come before His presence who is the rock of their salvation.

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