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Psalms Chapter 44

Psalm 44 gives a full and vivid picture of the state of the nation, as in the conscience of the remnant. They had heard with their ears. Faith rested in the memorial of all the old mighty deliverances wrought by God, and how He had put them in possession of the land by His power, not theirs (Psa 44:1-8). In Verses 9-16 (Psa 44:9-16) their present state is recounted. They are cast off and scattered. The enemy and avenger is among them; they scattered among the heathens old of God for no price (Psa 44:17-22). Yet they have, in no wise, swerved from their integrity. On the contrary, it is for His sake they are killed all the day long, and counted as sheep for the slaughter. (Note, the moment Messiah was rejected, this began in principle: compare Rom 8:36). Verses 23-26 (Psa 44:23-26) contain the appeal to God to wake up to redeem them for His mercies' sake. Why should He forget them for ever? We have still God, not Jehovah, in this psalm; for they are outside.

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