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Notes on the Bible, by Albert Barnes, [1834], at

2 Chronicles Chapter 7

2 Chronicles 7:1

ch2 7:1

The fire came down from heaven - As in the time of Moses on the dedication of the tabernacle Lev 9:24 The fact is omitted from the narrative of Kings; but omission is not contradiction.

2 Chronicles 7:8

ch2 7:8

Solomon kept the feast - i. e., Solomon kept at this same time, not the Feast of the Dedication only, but also the Feast of tabernacles. The former lasted seven days, from the 8th of Tisri to the 15th, the latter also seven days, from the 15th to the 22nd. On the day following the people were dismissed Ch2 7:10.

2 Chronicles 7:11

ch2 7:11

The narrative now runs parallel with Kg1 9:1-9, but is more full, and presents less of verbal agreement. Ch2 7:13-15 are additional to the earlier record.

2 Chronicles 7:12

ch2 7:12

An house of sacrifice - This expression does not elsewhere occur. Its meaning, however, is clear. God declares that Solomon's Temple is the place whereunto all Israelites were commanded to bring their burnt-offerings and sacrifices (see Deu 12:5-6).

2 Chronicles 7:15

ch2 7:15

The prayer that is made in this place - literally, as in the margin. The unsual phrase includes the two cases of prayers offered in Ch2 6:24 and toward Ch2 6:34, Ch2 6:38 the sanctuary.

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