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Notes on the Bible, by Albert Barnes, [1834], at

2 Chronicles Chapter 4

2 Chronicles 4:1

ch2 4:1

The supplementary character of Chronicles is here once more apparent. The author of Kings had omitted to record the dimensions of the brass altar. It stood in the great court Ch2 6:12-13.

2 Chronicles 4:3

ch2 4:3

For "oxen" we find in Kg1 7:24, "knops" or "gourds." An early copyist, not comprehending the comparatively rare word here used for "gourd," and expecting to hear of oxen, as soon as the molten sea was mentioned, changed the reading.

2 Chronicles 4:5

ch2 4:5

Three thousand baths - See Kg1 7:23 note. It is quite possible that either here or in Kings the text may have been accidentally corrupted.

2 Chronicles 4:7

ch2 4:7

According to their form - Rather, "after their manner" (compare Ch2 4:20). There is no allusion to the shape of the candlesticks, which were made, no doubt, after the pattern of the original candlestick of Moses.

2 Chronicles 4:8

ch2 4:8

The number of the tables (see Ch2 4:19) and of the basins, is additional to the information contained in Kings.

2 Chronicles 4:16

ch2 4:16

Huram his father - Or, "Huram his master-workman" (Ch2 2:13 note).

2 Chronicles 4:17

ch2 4:17

Zeredathah - Or, Zarthan (marginal reference). The writer of Chronicles probably uses the name which the place bore in his own day.

2 Chronicles 4:19

ch2 4:19

The tables - A single table only is mentioned in Kg1 7:48; Ch2 29:18. It is supposed that Solomon made ten similar tables, any one of which might be used for the showbread; but that the bread was never placed on more than one table at a time.

2 Chronicles 4:22

ch2 4:22

The entry of the house - The text is, by some, corrected by Kg1 7:50, "the hinges" of the doors of the house, etc.

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