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Some Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines

by W. J. Thomas


This is a short collection of Australian Aborigine folklore, addressed to a general audience. The tales and folklore are recounted factually, but the book reflects the time in which it was written, so the reader should take that into account. The author apparently involved with providing aid to Aboriginal people, according to a relation of Mr. Thomas who wrote me. Thomas also wrote The Welsh Fairy Book.

Title Page
The Story of the Seven Sisters and the Faithful Lovers
A Legend of the Sacred Bullroarer
Giant Kangaroos
The Great Fight
The Flying Chip
Why the Whale Spouts, the Starfish is Ragged, and the Native Bear has Strong Arms
A Legend of the Great Flood
How the Stars Were Made: Rolla-Mano and the Evening Star
Why the Crow is Black
Why Flying Foxes Hang from Trees: A Legend of the Striped-Tail Lizard
Why Blackfellows Never Travel Alone: A Legend of the Wallaroo and Willy-Wagtail
How the Kangaroo Got a Long Tail, and the Wombat a Flat Forehead
Why the Emu has Short Wings and the Native Companion a Harsh Voice
How the Sun was Made: Dawn, Noontide and Night
Thugine, the Rainbow and the Wandering Boys
Mirragan, the Fisherman: A Tale of the Wollandilly River, Whambeyan and Jenolan Caves
How Fire was Stolen from the Red-Crested Cockatoo
Why the Fish-Hawk was Driven to the Sea
How the Native Bear Lost His Tail