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The Story of the Seven Sisters and the Faithful Lovers
A Legend of the Sacred Bullroarer
Why the Whale Spouts, the Starfish is Ragged and the Native Bear has Strong Arms
A Legend of the Great Flood
How the Stars were made
Why the Crow is Black
Why Flying Foxes Hang from Trees
The Adventurous Journey of Yoonecara the Headman
Why Blackfellows Never Travel Alone
How the Kangaroo Got a Long Tail, and the Wombat a Flat Forehead
Why the Emu has Short Wings, and the Native Companion a Harsh Voice
How the Sun was made
Thugine, the Rainbow, and the Wandering Boys
Mirragan, the Fisherman
How Fire was Stolen from the Red-Crested Cockatoo
Why the Fish Hawk was driven to the Sea
How the Native Bear Lost His Tail

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