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p. 289

[The following notices appeared after the text of the original book. They are included for completeness.—JBH.]


In reading nativities, or delineating character in accordance with this system of science, all that is requisite is tables of past positions of the moon and planets. We have no need to refer to future positions, as all calculations are made from the positions at birth; therefore, in practice, tables ten or more years back will be in most frequent requisition; nevertheless, those of current date will be desired for information regarding children just born, and, as time rolls on, that which was the future constantly becomes the present, and we have accordingly made provision for this contingent, and have given the positions of the planets up to the close of the nineteenth century. The ephemerides of the moon are not at present available beyond the close of the year 1889, but after that time it will be merely necessary each year to procure a nautical or an astrological almanac for the current year, and from that the positions of the moon can be had, and blank tables have been bound with the book for each year to complete the century, into which the moon's positions can be copied, and thus preserved in compact form; or, by enclosing 10 cents each year to the publishers of Solar Biology, a printed table of the moon's positions, uniform with those of the work, will be forwarded by return mail, together with a catalogue of works of a kindred nature subsequently issued. For 1900 and thereafter, enclose 25 cents for tables of both the moon and planets.

p. 290


The publishers desire a competent person in each city and county to take the agency of Solar Biology, which offers a useful, pleasant, and lucrative occupation. As its introduction is not comparable to ordinary book-canvassing, but commands attention and awakens an interest wherever presented, and enables the possessor to give rich entertainment and rare instruction to family groups or audiences of thousands, and therefore offers an unparalleled opportunity to those of literary, medical, or even of mere business aspirations; and, to be thoroughly equipped for this work, agents and interested parties will do well to send 10 cents for specimen lecture and catalogue of a series illustrative of this and collateral subjects covering important lines of entertaining and profitable thought, and suggestive of new fields of research, culture, and unfoldment.

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