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☿ (Mercury): its Function.

Mercury, the youngest planet that we consider, is nearest the sun, and more physical in its nature and effects than any other. It adds physical strength to whatever sign or function it may be in.

Its qualities are: first, those of the conserved sexual or reproductive elements; second, physical strength; third, its mental characteristics, which are materialistic. Mercury controls all that pertains to sex desire, and many marriages occur through the attractions of this, planet. For instance, a person having Mercury in the sign in which one of the opposite sex was born, will be liable to strong sex attraction in that direction. Again, if a person had Mercury in Scorpio, they would perceive those of the opposite sex born in that sign as liable to be attracted to them. The sex impulses often lay hold of and carry the love nature captive, and thus many marriages are consummated; but love of this kind is not apt to be lasting, and therefore these marriages are seldom harmonious and happy ones. This law of attraction would hold good in whatever sign Mercury might be at the time of birth, giving sex attraction to those born in the same sign.

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☿ (Mercury) in ♈ (Aries).

This gives very strong brain power and great endurance in thought and study; but in children it is apt to contribute morbid ideas concerning sexuality, and should they be led into excesses in that direction, it would give liability to insanity. Insanity might also result from lack of vitality.

It gives strong materialistic tendencies to the person; consequently a disinclination to recognize anything that does not come within the scope of the five senses. It gives special qualifications for a general business life, because it holds the mind down to a practical money-getting, bread-and-butter interest.

☿ (Mercury) in ♉ (Taurus).

This contributes to physical strength and to strong feelings and emotions, and also increases ideality in sex directions; gives inclination to sensual pleasures, and fear of pain; many times inclines to sensational indulgence far beyond the endurance of the body; and is apt to create a hazy and illogical mental condition.

In case of a good degree of mental harmony, it will take control of the baser principles of the Mercury nature, and give power and efficiency to the brain, counteracting the undesirable qualities given above.

☿ (Mercury) in ♊ (Gemini).

This gives inclination to physical labor, strengthens the vocal organs, tends to avert diseases of the throat and bronchial tubes, and aids in quieting nervous and

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restless tendencies. It makes a strong, studious mind, inclined to scientific and collegiate studies, especially mathematics and whatever relates to physical uses. It turns the balance of its power against chastity and exerts a strong influence to bind the person down to menial service.

☿ (Mercury) in ♋ (Cancer).

This position of Mercury gives strong lungs and voice, and obviates the liability to consumption. It adds health, strength, and vigor to the body, frequently giving broad shoulders and full chest. It increases the sex love and desire for children, but somewhat lowers the idea of chastity. It gives, however, strong parental love and especial care in matters of providing for and protection of offspring.

☿ (Mercury) in ♌ (Leo).

This gives a very strong and intense love nature; also a positive will, strong impulses, feelings, and emotions, strong love of the opposite sex, and a feeling almost amounting to dependence upon their society. It is hard for such to live a single life. If intensifies conjugality, and makes one kind and sympathetic.

In this position it has control of the whole body and all its functions to express itself according to its nature; therefore we may safely look for its most natural expression through the sex inclination if not well guarded or in any function of the body or mind where it can find expression harmonious with its nature.

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☿ (Mercury) in ♍ (Virgo).

This gives strong digestion and aids in building up a large, strong body; gives great physical endurance, and obviates the liability, to derangements of the digestive function. It relates the intuitive faculties to pure nature, mainly of a physical character. It weakens conjugality and self-control in sex directions. It frequently gives to children morbid imaginations and liability to self-abuse. Parents should carefully guard such children against these habits.

It gives a strong appetite and desire for rich food and stimulating drinks, and is thus apt to tax digestion and cause dyspeptic difficulties.

☿ (Mercury) in ♎ (Libra).

This gives physical strength to the body, and frequently adds to its length. (A long body always indicates great vitality and usually an inclination to sedentary habits.) It gives especial strength to the reins, and strength and activity to the sex nature, with some inclination to excesses. It is liable to produce female weaknesses where girls did not have proper opportunity to develop the muscles of the body by exercise and play. It gives power to the perceptive faculties, and frequently materialistic tendencies. Such persons are apt to reason from externalities unless otherwise counteracted.

This being Mercury's native and home position, it therefore exerts its full normal power over the system.

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☿ (Mercury) in ♏ (Scorpio).

This position of Mercury gives great vitality and strength of the reproductive system. It adds no particular incentive to indulgence, but gives power and endurance and strength and vivacity to the whole body, obviating liability to weakness or disease of the reproductive organs, though there is liability through activity of this function of exhausting the vitality of the system and thus bringing on general debility, and often a special weakness of the innate function corresponding to the sign in which they were born.

☿ (Mercury) in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This gives strength to the muscles and motor nerves, and intensifies the activity of the whole body; also gives inclination to the use of the muscular system in some active pursuit. It makes them vigorous in all their executive tendencies, and counteracts liability to rheumatic and nerve difficulties. It increases the combative nature and the ardor and zeal of life, giving them strong sex attractions and inclinations, and also adding strength to the muscular system.

☿ (Mercury) in ♑ (Capricorn).

This gives great activity to the body, love of locomotion, travel, etc. It tends strongly to the sex passion, and consequently lessens the purity and sacredness of the domestic relations. It gives strong economical business tendencies, with love of labor and its rewards, and usually makes a practical business character. It -obviates the liability to disease of the lower limbs.

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☿ (Mercury) in ♒ (Aquarius).

This strengthens the general nerve system, and also militates against conjugality, and inclines to license-rather than restraint. Parents should take great care to impress upon the minds of such children the sacredness of the sex function.

It gives pride of external appearance and show, and great restlessness and activity. It strengthens the sensatory nerves, gives strong business qualities, tendency to physical labor, and active bodily habits.

☿ (Mercury) in ♓ (Pisces).

This gives great love of activity and inclination to walk and be on the feet a great deal. Children as soon as they learn to walk are apt to run away from home. They are very liable to overdo in running and walking and to lack continuity and endurance. It increases the activity of the sex nature and detracts from its sacredness. These persons are apt to have large feet. It decreases inhabitativeness and gives love of travel.

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