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We denominate mental tendency as polarization of the mind. The moon acts as a magnet controlling the front brain. Whatever sign the moon was in at the time of birth, its nature, characteristics, and principles would form the general subject-matter of the person's mind; yet their innate nature, determined from the sign in which the earth was at birth, would give quality, character, and color to the subject-matter or function in which they are polarized, and on which they are mentally disposed to dwell. Thus, if we should take twelve persons, born when the moon was in the same sign, they would all be disposed to a corresponding plane of mental action, yet they would bring to bear upon their work different powers and qualities correspondent of their innate nature as derived from, and characterized by, the sign of the sun's zodiac in which the earth was at birth. The moon, consequently, establishes the plane or sphere of activity; the position of the earth determines the resources or nature with which one is equipped. Every time the moon enters the sign in which a person was born the life forces are ripe for procreation, and also for the renewal of one's own system. This is more apparent in the female than in the male nature; and where a woman is living an orderly marital life, the menstrual courses will begin

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about five or seven days prior to the moon's entering the sign in which the earth was, in the sun's zodiac, at the time she was born; and when it does enter the sign, the system will be in its best condition for procreation: so, after it has passed out of this sign, the inclinations will gradually die away. This will form a useful calendar for ladies to know what time their menstrual periods are due (count one sign ahead of that given in the almanac). Sometimes, when ladies’ conditions or pursuits are inharmonious to their nature, their periods are changed to the time of their polarity; that is, their periods occur when the moon enters the sign of their polarization rather than on entering the sign of their birth. In some cases, where the life forces are intensely active, they will occur twice every moon. Such cases are most frequent in hot climates; and, so to speak, such persons, so far as relates to this function, live two years in one, and consequently will age prematurely and die young. To avoid this, vigilant restraint should be exercised over the activities of their nature, both physically, mentally, and sexually. They should seek rest and quiet, cultivating easy and harmonious conditions and movement until restored to the normal periods of menstruation.

Another condition which produces a change in the time of their periods is, when the mind of the wife is greatly absorbed in the husband, or when the husband, by virtue of his positive nature, takes control of her life forces: in which case, her periods will occur when the moon enters the sign in which he was born, and sometimes it will be changed to the sign of his polarity. To be regular, they never ought to have them sooner

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or later than within these limits. Men and women are both more easily affected by the opposite sex during the time the moon is in the sign in which they were born, unless the period has been changed as above. Again, men and women are strongest, and their mental powers are the clearest, at this time. Therefore, their success in beginning business will be most certain when the earth and the moon are both in the signs in which they were born.

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