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AFTER having gone through the necessary preliminary topics, it is now proper to speak of the manner in which predictions are to be formed and considered; beginning with those which relate to general events, affecting either certain cities, or districts, or entire countries.

The strongest and principal cause of all these events exists in the

p. 53

ecliptical conjunctions of the Sun and Moon, and in the several transits made by the planets during those conjunctions.

One part of the observations, required in forming predictions in cases of this nature, relates to the locality of the event, and points out the cities or countries liable to be influenced by particular eclipses, or by occasional continued stations of certain planets, which at times remain for a certain period in one situation. These planets are Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars; and they furnish portentous indications, when they are stationary.

Another branch relates to time, and gives pre-information of the period at which the event will occur, and how long it will continue to operate.

The third branch is generic; and points out the classes, or kinds, which the event will affect.

The last part is specific; and foreshows the actual quality and character of the coming event.

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