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THAT which is termed the exaltation of the planets is considered by the following rules:

The Sun on his entrance into Aries is then passing into the higher and more northern semicircle; but, on his entrance into Libra, into the more southern and lower one: his exaltation, therefore, is determined to be in Aries, as, when present in that sign, he begins to lengthen the days, and the influence of his heating nature increases at the same time. His fall is placed in Libra, for the converse reasons.

Saturn on the contrary, in order to preserve his station opposite to the Sun, in this respect, as well as in regard to their respective houses, obtains his exaltation in Libra, and his fall in Aries: since, in all cases, the increase of heat must be attended by a diminution of cold, and the increase of cold by a diminution of heat.

The Mood, again, after conjunction with the Sun in Aries, the seat of his exaltation, makes her first appearance, and begins to augment her light in Taurus, the first sign of her own triplicity, which is consequently ascribed to be her exaltation; while Scorpio, the opposite sign, is her fall.

Jupiter, since he is efficacious in exciting fruitful breezes from the north, and since he becomes most northerly, and augments his peculiar influence when in Cancer, accordingly obtains his exaltation in that sign, and his fall in Capricorn.

Mars possesses a fiery nature, which receives its greatest intensity in Capricorn, in which sign this planet becomes most southerly; his exaltation is therefore placed in Capricorn, in opposition to that of Jupiter, and his fall in Cancer.

Venus is of a moist nature, and becomes chiefly moist when in Pisces. Under that sign a dampness begins to be perceptible in the atmosphere, and Venus, from being in that sign, derives an augmentation of her own proper influence: her exaltation is consequently placed therein, and her fall in Virgo.

Mercury is of a nature opposite to that of Venus, and is more dry: in opposition to her, therefore, he takes his exaltation in Virgo, in which sign the autumnal dryness makes its first appearance; and he receives his fall in Pisces.

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