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THE querent is he or she that propounds the question and desires resolution; the quesited is he or she, or the thing sought and inquired after.

The significator is no more than that planet which rules the house that signifies the person or thing demanded; as if ♈

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is ascending, ♂ being lord of ♈, shall be significator of the querent, viz. the sign ascending shall in part signify his corporature, body, or stature: the lord of the ascendant, according to the sign he is in, the ☽ and planet in the ascendant, equally mixed together, shall shew his quality or conditions; so that let any sign ascend, what planet is lord of that sign shall be called lord of the house, or significator of the person inquiring, &c.

So that, in the first place, when any question is propounded, the sign ascending and his lord are always given unto him or her that asks the question.

Secondly: You must then consider the matter propounded, and see to which of the twelve houses it does properly belong: when you have found the house, consider the sign and lord of that sign, how, and in what sign and what part of heaven he is placed, how dignified, what aspect he has to the lord of the ascendant, who impedites your significator, who is a friend unto him, viz. what planet it is, and what house he is lord of, or in what house posited; from such a man or woman signified by that planet shall you be aided or hindered, or by one of such relation unto you as that planet signifies; if lord of such a house, such an enemy; if lord of a house that signifies enemies, then an enemy verily; if of a friendly house, a friend.

The whole natural key of astrology rests in the words preceding, rightly understood. By the examples following, I shall make all things more plain; for I do not desire or will reserve any thing whereby the learner may be kept in suspense of understanding what is useful for him, and most fit to be known. In every question we do give the ☽ as a consignificator with the querent or lord of the ascendant. Having well considered the several applications and separation of the lords of those houses signifying your questions, as also

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the ☽, her situation and quality of the aspects she has, and each significator has to each, you may begin to judge and consider whether the thing demanded will come to pass, yea or nay; by what or whose means, the time when, and whether it will be good for the querent to proceed further in his demands. yea or nay.

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