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The friend of Allah, the Commander of the Believers, has at last abandoned all mortals to themselves wandering in their desert and in their state of blindness which they had preferred to guidance—just as Moses had abandoned his people—until perdition came near attacking them while they were unaware. He made his exit from their midst while they were in a state of doubt regarding him, disagreeing among themselves and faltering between different opinions, neither rendering obedience to truth nor returning to the friend of Allah. Allah has said: "But if they had referred it to Allah, to his Apostle and to those in authority among them, it would have become clear to those of them who fail to understand it." 1

O you people! The word of Allah (may he remain high!) is the most eloquent preacher, and what is clear from this sermon to you is your poverty and your need for the pardon of Allah (may he remain high!) and the pardon of his friend, the Commander of the Believers, upon whom Allah's peace is more abundant than upon you. Oblivion leads to negligence, negligence leads to rebellion, and rebellion leads to perdition. For Allah (may his name remain blessed and high!) has said: "But if they, having wronged themselves had come to thee asking Allah's forgiveness, and if the Apostle had asked forgiveness for them, they would surely have found Allah a forgiving

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and merciful one." 1 The greatest of all sayers [Allah] has also said: "Excepting those who shall repent and believe and do righteous works," 2 "for verily Allah loveth those who seek his indulgence and loveth those who wish to purify themselves." 3 Allah (may he remain blessed and high!) has moreover said: "And when my worshipers ask thee concerning me, [say] I am nigh unto them, ready to answer the supplication of him that calleth, when he calleth unto me." 4

Hasten, therefore, hasten, O you people! If you stand upon a desolate tract of land, then your eyes shall be directed towards the first road 5 which was pursued by the Commander of the Believers (may Allah's peace be upon him!) when he disappeared. Assemble there, yourselves and your children, purify your hearts and make your intentions sincere toward Allah, the Lord of the universe. Repent before him in a true manner and beseech him by the best methods of supplication leading to pardon and forgiveness, so that he may show mercy to you by according you the return of his friend, and may turn his heart in compassion toward you; for he is mercy unto you and unto all his creation in accordance with what Allah (may he remain blessed and high!) has said to his Messenger [Muḥammad] (may Allah's grace be upon him and upon his kin!): "We have not sent thee other than as mercy unto all creatures." 6

But beware, beware lest any of you should try to trace the steps of the Commander of the Believers (may Allah's blessing be upon him!), or should attempt to discover any information whatsoever! 7 Cease not at the beginning of the road to reiterate

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your prayer: "Behold our dwelling place!" And when the time comes for mercy to dawn upon you then shall the friend of Allah [al-Ḥākim] appear before you by his own accord, well satisfied with your conduct, visible in your midst.

Persist in the practice of these exercises, by day and by night, until the last day arrives, and the hour of judgment strikes, and the door of mercy is closed, and vengeance befalls all people of disobedience and disbelief. "He is fully excused who has amply forewarned," 1 he has nothing to blame upon himself with regard to your case: he has given you full warning.

This is addressed to the people of intelligence among you; it is they who are particularly meant by it. It is the will of Allah (may he remain blessed and high!), and through him all success is achieved.

Peace be upon whomsoever follows guidance, fears the evil results of impiety, and believes in the excellent words of his Lord!


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62:7 This may indicate that Ḥamzah, who was probably the one who drew this Charter, had a hand in the conspiracy that resulted in the murder of al-Ḥakīm.

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