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Armenian Legends and Poems [1916] at

p. 77



ARAXES came devouringly,
Swept o’er her boulders scouringly--
Where shall I lay my aching head
Bowed down with grief o’erpoweringly?

Oh my Araxes, flow serene;--
Tell me, hast thou my sweet love seen?
My heart's desire is unfulfilled;--
Arax, hast thou more happy been?

Mount Ararat with clouds is veiled,
My love is lost, my hope has failed.
For pity's sake an answer give
To my sad heart with grief assailed.

I sob and weep the livelong night;
Till dawn I watch--I watch and write;
Arax, ere sunrise gild thy waves
To thee I bring my spirit's blight.

Upon the rocks the sunbeams dart,
Red flames devour my mourning heart;
Those eyes and brows have left with me
A sorrow which shall ne’er depart.


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