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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I, ed. by A. H. Sayce, [1888], at

p. 143

Fifth Tablet of the Story of the Creation


1. He prepared the twin mansions of the great gods.
2. He fixed the stars, even the twin-stars, 1 to correspond with them.
3. He ordained the year, appointing the signs of the Zodiac 2 over (it).
4. For each of the twelve months he fixed three stars,
5. from the day when the year issues forth to the close.
6. He founded the mansion of (the Sun-god) the god of the ferry-boat, that they might know their bonds,
7. that they might not err, that they might not go astray in any way.
8. He established the mansion of Bel and Ea along with himself.
9. Moreover he opened the great gates on either side,
10. he strengthened the bolts on the left hand and on the right,
11. and in the midst of it he made a staircase.
12. He illuminated the Moon-god that he might be porter of the night,
13. and ordained for him the ending of the night that the day may be known,
14. (saying:) "Month by month, without break, keep watch in thy disk.
15. At the beginning of the month light up the night,
16. announcing thy horns that the heaven may know.
17. On the seventh day, (filling thy) disk
18. thou shalt open indeed (its) narrow contraction.
19. At that time the sun (will be) on the horizon of heaven at thy (rising).
20. Thou shalt cut off its …

p. 144

21. (Thereafter) towards the path of the sun thou shalt approach.
22. (Then) the contracted size of the sun shall indeed change (?) 1
23. … seeking its path.
24. … descend and pronounce judgment.

The rest of the obverse and the first three lines of the reverse are destroyed.


4. [First line of the next tablet:] When the assembly of the gods had heard him.
5. Fifth tablet of the (series beginning) "When on high."
6. The property of Assur-bani-pal the king of hosts, the king of Assyria.


143:1 Lu-masi, literally "the twin oxen," of which seven were reckoned.

143:2 Mizrâta, which is the same word as the mazzarôth of Job xxxviii. 32.

144:1 The mutilated condition of the tablet makes the translation of this line extremely doubtful. There may be a reference in it to the star Al-tar or Dapinu.

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