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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I, ed. by A. H. Sayce, [1888], at

p. 67

II. Inscription of an Unknown Prince on a Boulder of Stone 1



1. [pate]si
2. [of Shirpur]la



1. [of the god] Nin-girsu
2. [the . . . ] dun
3. has constructed.
4. The palace of Ti-ra-ash-di (?)
5. he has built,
6. and he has . . .
7. E-an-[na]-du 2
8. covered with renown


1. by the god Nin-girsu,
2. for the countries
3. by the power of the god Nin-girsu


The last lines are destroyed.


67:1 Découvertes, pl. 2, No. 3. The writing used in this inscription resembles that of the inscriptions of Ur-ninâ and the Stêlê of the Vultures more than any other. However, the little that remains of the first column seems to indicate that it belongs to a patesi and not to a king, perhaps to an E-anna-du.

67:2 This proper name is mutilated, but I believe my reading very probable. Cf. the Stêlê of the Vultures, Obv. i. 1.

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