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p. 17



A crowd of maidens led a glorious van;
With roses laden the fair heralds ran,
With silver-throated music chant the throng,
And sweetly sang the coronation song:
And now we see the gorgeous cavalcade,
Within the walls in Accad's grand parade
They pass, led by the maidens crowned with flowers,
Who strew the path with fragrance;--to the towers
And walls and pillars of each door bright cling
The garlands. Hear the maidens joyful sing!

"Oh, shout the cry! Accadians, joyful sing
For our Deliverer! Oh, crown him King!
Then strew his path with garlands, tulips, rose,
And wave his banners as he onward goes;
Our mighty Nin-rad comes, oh, raise the cry!
We crown Tar-u-ma-ni iz-zu sar-ri!

Away to Samas' temple grand, away!
  For Accad crowns him, crowns him there!
He is our chosen Sar 1 this glorious day,
  Oh, send the Khanga 2 through the air!

Then chant the chorus, all ye hosts above!
O daughters, mothers, sing for him we love!
His glory who can sing, who brings us joy?
For hope and gladness all our hearts employ.
He comes, our hope and strength in every war:
We crown him as our king, our Izdubar!

Away to Samas' temple grand, away!
  For Accad crowns him, crowns him there!
He is our chosen Sar this glorious day,
  Oh, send the Khanga through the air!

Toward the temple filed the long parade,
The nobles led while Accad's music played;

p. 18

The harps and timbrels, barsoms, drums and flutes
Unite with trumpets and the silver lutes.
Surrounded by his chieftains rides the Sar
In purple robes upon his brazen car.
Bedecked with garlands, steeds of whitest snow
The chariot draw in state with movement slow,
Each steed led by a kisib, nobleman,
A score of beauteous horses linked in span.
The army follows with their nodding plumes,
And burnished armor, trumpets, rolling drums,
And glistening spears enwreathed with fragrant flowers,
While scarfs are waving from the crowded towers.,
And shouts of joy their welcome loud proclaim,
And from each lip resounds their monarch's name.

And now before the holy temple stands
The chariot, in silence cease the bands.
Around an altar stand the waiting priests,
And held by them, the sacrificial beasts.
The hero from his chair descends,
And bowing to the priests, he lowly bends
Before the sacred altar of the Sun,
And prays to Samas, Accad's Holy One.

 3"O Samas, I invoke thee, throned on high!
  Within the cedars' shadow bright thou art,
Thy footing rests upon immensity;
  All nations eagerly would seek thy heart.
Their eyes have turned toward thee, O our Friend!
  Whose brilliant light illuminates all lands,
Before thy coming all the nations bend,
  Oh, gather every people with thy hands!
For thou, O Samas, knowest boundaries
  Of every kingdom, falsehood dost destroy,
And every evil thought from sorceries
  Of wonders omens, dreams that do annoy,
And evil apparitions, thou dost turn
  To happy issue; malice, dark designs;

p. 19

And men and countries in thy might o'erturn,
  And sorcery that every soul maligns.
Oh, in thy presence refuge let me find!
  From those who spells invoke against thy King,
Protect one! and my heart within thine, oh, bind!
   4 Thy breath within mine inmost soul, oh, bring!
That I with thee, O Samas, may rejoice.
  And may the gods who me created, take
Thy hands and lead me, make thy will my choice,
   5 Direct my breath, my hands, and of me make
They servant, Lord of light of legions vast,
  O Judge, thy glory hath all things surpassed!"

The King then rises, takes the sacred glass, 6
And holds it in the sun before the mass
Of waiting fuel on the altar piled.
The centring rays--the fuel glowing gild
With a round spot of fire and quickly. spring
Above the altar curling, while they sing!

 7 "Oh, to the desert places may it fly,
  This incantation holy!
O spirit of the heavens, us this day
  Remember, oh, remember!
O spirit of the earth, to thee we pray,
  Remember! Us remember!

"O God of Fire! a lofty prince doth stand,
  A warrior, and son of the blue sea,
Before the God of Fire in thine own land,
  Before thy holy fires that from us free
Dread Darkness, where dark Nuk-khu reigns.
  Our prince, as monarch we proclaim,
His destiny thy power maintains,
  Oh, crown his glory with wide fame!

"With bronze and metal thou dost bless
  All men, and givest silver, gold.

p. 20

The goddess with the hornèd face
  Did bless us with thee from of old.
From dross thy fires change gold to purity;
  Oh, bless our fire-king, round him shine
With Heaven's vast sublimity!
  And like the earth with rays divine,
  As the bright walls of Heaven's shrine."



17:1 "Sar," king.

17:2 "Khanga," chorus.

18:3 One of the Accadian psalms is here quoted from "Chaldean Magic," by Lenormant, pp. 185, 186. See also "Records of the Past," vol. xi. Pl. 17, col. 2.

19:4 Literally, "Right into my marrow, O Lords of breath."

19:5 Literally, "Direct the breath of my mouth!"

19:6 Sacred glass, sun-glass used to light the sacred fire.

19:7 Incantation to Fire "Records of the Past," vol. xi. p. 137). The Accadian and Assyrian text is found in "C. I. W. A.," vol. iv. p. 14, and on tablet K. 49,002, in the British Museum.

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