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S/ Trismosin, Splendor solis, London, [16th Cent.] (Public Domain Image)


ed. by A.E. Waite


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This is a short collection of some curious Alchemical treatises which was republished by A.E. Waite in 1893. According to the preface, Waite found these in a manuscript belonging to a collector of occult books. This etext uses Unicode to display astrological symbols (here used in an alchemical sense, of course). For instructions on viewing Unicode in your browser, refer to this file.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Prefatory Note
The Secret of the Immortal Liquor called Alkahest or Ignis-Aqua
Aurum Potabile: Or the Receipt of Dr. Fr. Antonie
The Oil of Sulphur

The Stone of the Philosophers

Title Page
The Contents
The Preface
Chapter I. The Introduction
Chapter II. Of the Vegetable Tincture
Chapter III. Of the Uses of the Vegetable Tinctures
Chapter IV. Of the Metallic Tincture
Chapter V. Of the Second Matter, or Seed in Metals
Chapter VI. Of the Dissolution and Extraction of the Seed in Metals
Chapter VII. Of the Separation and Further Treatment of our Philosophical Seed
Chapter VIII. Of the Union or Mystical Marriage in the Philosophical Process
Chapter IX. Of the Further Treatment and Ripening of our Seed
Chapter X. Of the Further Process to the Ripening of our Noble Seed
Chapter XI. A Further Description of the Process
Chapter XII. Of the Stone and its Uses
Chapter XIII. Of the Transmutation


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Preparations of the Sophic Mercury