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CHAPTER I. Introduction.

CHAPTER II. Of the Vegetable Tincture, or the Process called the Lesser Circulation.

CHAPTER III. Of the Uses of the Vegetable Tincture, with some general remarks on their great efficacy in Medicine.

CHAPTER IV. Of the Metallic Tincture.

CHAPTER V. Of the Second Matter, or Seed in Metals.

CHAPTER VI. Of the Dissolution and Extraction of the Seed in Metals.

CHAPTER VII. Of the Separation and Further Treatment of our Philosophical Seed.

CHAPTER VIII. Of the Union, or Mystical Marriage, in the Philosophical Process.

CHAPTER IX. Of the Further Treatment and Ripening of our Seed.

CHAPTER X. Of the Further Process towards the Ripening of our Noble Seed.

CHAPTER XI. A Further Description of the Process.

CHAPTER XII. Of the Stone and its Uses.

CHAPTER XIII. Of the Transmutation.

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