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p. 77



And it came to pass that on the twenty-eighth day of the eighth month of nineteen hundred and twenty-seven (according to the English years but the fourteenth year according to the Athlican years) a young man twenty-two years of age came in to the Gaathly begging for money.

The shepherd looked upon the young man and said, "Thou art in the bloom of youth and power, but because thou art not of me, ye must beg.

"Go ye, however, through the highways and into comers, even so behind closed doors and gather men unto me, that they be lifted up from hell unto salvation.

"Then shall ye not be a beggar of me, but a sower and a reaper in me.

"For as many as believe and walk in me shall be saved. I shall relieve them of their miseries. I shall banish their sorrows. I shall defend them.

"I shall be a light in their darkness. I shall raise them up when all hopes are dead.

p. 78

I shall harden my heart against backsliders, the hypocrite, the liar, and the thief, I despise.

"Be aware of the gospels that are not of God through Ethiopia. For it shall rob and destroy as many as accept it.

"Verily I say unto you, he that is not of me is not for your salvation. For I am he whom the Lord, God of Ethiopia, had promised thee from creation, that ye may stretch forth thy hands direct unto the Father through me and be saved.

"Before me there was none unto Ethiopia, but with me there is another and you, in me, in him are one with God; and the offspring of my vein and the offspring of his vein are cousins.

"Take heed! O ye children of Ethiopia. For I Athlyi zigy sobcok tee. Whosoever cometh after me and is not of me is not for your salvation, but seeketh to destroy your civilization in God through me.

"Prophets shall rise and wise men shall spring out of you, but they that build not upon this foundation in me, in righteousness are deceivers of you.

"They shall come up to you with unjust gospels, which seeketh to destroy the offsprings of our father, Ham, doctrines which were before me.

p. 79

"But it shall be as a man pleading with an electrician to go back to the tallow candle age, but the electrician shall laugh him to scorn.

"For I am greater than all gospels that were before my coming. I am richer. I am higher. Test me and be ye convinced that I, in the bosom of the God of Justice, have laid a foundation sufficient to hold all the builders that cometh after me in righteousness.

I shall banish the devil. I shall clear up his hell and it shall bloom like a garden of brimigen. Then shall the rivers of peace flow out and the children of all the earth shall sit around the table of salvation in the house of God enjoying life the splendor of true love and justice in me. For I am not myself, but God in me unto you.

"But verily I say unto you, I shall cut my heaven from him that knoweth and doeth not according the gospel.

"The wise will prepare for battle even though there may not be any fight.

"The fool will quarrel but he that quarrels with a fool is a damn fool. Hear me, oh thou Athlyians! Be ye wise and live I go to prepare a place for you beyond this heaven.

"Whosoever walketh in my blood within the principles of this gospel shall dwell with me in p. 80 heaven everlasting, but he that walketh another way shall not find me."

"I will blow my trumpet throughout the kingdom of Athlyi in Africa," saith the lord our God, "and my people the Athlyians shall blow it unto the world.

"Then shall the inhabitants of the earth respect me, for I am a God of salvation, a conqueror of evil."

And it came to pass that Athlyi issued an order saying," A real minister of Athlicanity must bear a diploma from the Athlican School of Athlicology and the graduation process shall embody ordination.

"God be with you my beloved. Let there be unity in spirit while ye are absent one from another. Wheresoever it is one Athlyian there is the shepherd in him, and whatsoever heareth an Athlyian, heareth also the Shepherd, and whatsoever an Athlyian seeth, seeth the Shepherd also, for the Athlyians are an amalgation instituted by God which no man can separate."

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