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And it came to pass that the mighty angel robed in four colors descended from among the great heavenly host.

When the Athlyi saw the angel descending he feared with great fear and hid behind the root of a tree.

But the angel of the Lord came upon him and said., "Athlyi, come forth for the Lord has made thee shepherd of his anointed children of Ethiopia. "

And Athlyi answered saying, "Who are thou?" "I am Douglas, a messenger from the Lord," replied the angel. "I am sent to robe thee and to give in thy hands and in thy care the Lord's articles."

Verily no man shall take away that which the Lord giveth, for the word of the Lord who is God, will not come unto any save he who is appointed by the Father.

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Athlyi Robed

The angel of the Lord robed Athlyi in four colors and commanded him to put forth his right hand and the messenger presented in his right hand a staff and in his left hand the Holy Law saying, "Go and administer this Law through thine apostles unto the children of Ethiopia and command them to rise from the feet of their oppressors. Great is the penalty if there be any failure on your part to deliver the Law; the hand of the Lord shall come upon thee with horror and thou shalt regret the day ye was born."

The angel of the Lord hesitated, then said to Athlyi "Swear before the Lord God that thou wilt administer the Law unto the children"; then Athlyi lifted his eyes to the heaven and said, "Heaven and earth bear witness to my saying, I will."

Then the messenger of the Lord touched Athlyi on his left breast with the first finger of his right hand saying, "Be thou brave," then disappeared from the presence of the shepherd.

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