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For as much as the children of Ethiopia, God's favorite people of old, have turned away from his divine Majesty, neglecting life economic, believing they could on spiritual wings fly to the kingdom of God, consequently became a dependent for the welfare of others.

Therefore the whole heaven was grieved and there was a great lamentation in the Kingdom of God. Ethiopian mothers whose bodies have been dead for a thousand years, weeping for their suffering generations and shall not be comforted.

And behold two angels of the Lord resembling two saints of Ethiopia appeared before Athlyi and he inquired of them what is the cry?

And they answered him saying, Ethiopian mothers who have been dead a thousand years pleading before Elijah for the redemption of suffering Ethiopia and her posterities who by the feet of the nations are trodden.

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Convention in Heaven

There is a great convention in heaven, saith the angels of the Lord, unto you this day we are sent by the Lord to felicitate. For thou art appointed the shepherd to lead Ethiopia's generations from the oppressive feet of the nations, and there are appointed also prophets to prepare the way before thee.

And it came to pass when Athlyi heard these sayings he feared with great astonishment and turned his face from the angels of the Lord. And there appeared unto him his divine highness Jesus Christ, Prince of the Kingdom of God, and said quickly behold the messengers of my Father.

At this saying Athlyi turned again to the angels of the Lord and said, thy will be done, O God of Ethiopia, but how can I be the shepherd, to lead millions of millions even from the end of the earth when as I am but a twig before the eyes of men?

The Heavens Open

And the angels of the Lord answered him saying, a twig that is made by the Holy Spirit, an instrument to lead men, is great in the sight of p. 27 God, over which the armies of the earth or the hosts of hell shall not prevail.

And it came to pass that the angel who had the less to say lifted her eyes to heaven and stretched forth her arms over the earth and cried, blessed be thou Ethiopia, glory be the Father, thou Elijah, Hosanna, Hosanna to Jehovah, praise ye Douglas the convention have triumph.

There appeared a beautiful light on earth and when the light flashed Athlyi looked toward the heaven, and behold the heaven was -open and there was a great host of saints robed in blue, millions of millions as far as his eyes could see there was a mighty host.

When Athlyi sought the angels of the Lord they were not and he heard a voice say "Athlyi" and another "Athlyi" and he looked up and saw two angels ascending towards the celestial host.

Ethiopia Anointed

And when the two messengers of the Lord were midways they cried out unto the earth saying, blessed be thou Ethiopia for this day thou art anointed, thou are blest with a blessing, be ye forever united and stand up, let the world know your God.

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And when the two angels of the Lord neared the multitude the whole host roared with a thunder of joy that shook the earth like a mighty earthquake.

And it came to pass that an angel robed in four colours came forward to receive them and the whole celestial multitude stood and quietly formed an aisle.

And when the two messengers appeared before the heavenly host they bowed to the multitude and turned themselves around and bowed also to the earth.

Then came forward the mighty Angel robed in four colors and placed a gold ring upon their heads, and came forward also two mothers of Ethiopia, each with a star in their right hand, and pinned them on the left breast of the two messengers of the Lord.

And it came to pass that heaven and earth shook three times and the two angels marched up the aisle and joined with the multitude.

Rejoicing in Heaven

There was great rejoicing in Heaven and singing hosanna to Elijah; praise ye Douglas; blessed be thou Ethiopia forever and forever; the people at the end of the known world, and world p. 29 unknown, shall look for the coming of thy children with food and with rainment.

And when the two angels had joined the multitude and the mighty angel had finished his performance the said angel who was robed in colors turned to the heavenly host and said:

"Mothers of Ethiopia, the convention has triumphed, your sorrows have brought joy to Ethiopia, your tears have anointed her soil with a blessing, your cries have awakened her children throughout the earth, yea in the corners of the unknown world are they aroused, and is prophesying, saying prepare ye the way for a redeemer."

Shepherd Anointed

For unto Ethiopia this day a Shepherd is anointed, yea, as a shepherd gathers his sheep so shall he gather unto God, the generation of Ethiopia even from the end of the earth and lead them high, a nation among nations.

Then shall the inhabitants of the earth know that the Lord our God has not forsaken Ethiopia, and that the mighty is weak against his command, and unto no nation has he given power forever.

Verily I say unto you, woe be unto the persecutors of the shepherd for he is anointed by p. 30 the Lord our God, therefore one drop of his blood or the least of his apostles whom he has anointed to administer the law to the generations of Ethiopia, or the blood of a prophet within the law, shall break to pieces the oppressors of Ethiopia.

The Mighty Angel

When the mighty angel had finished speaking to the heavenly host he then turned to the earth and said: "Children of Ethiopia, stand," and there flashed upon the earth a great multitude of Negroes knowing not from whence they came; then shouted instantly the whole heavenly host, "Behold, behold Ethiopia has triumphed."

And it came to pass that the mighty angel spoke to the multitude of Negroes, saying, "Woe be unto those who say to the shepherd, thou fool, or to the least of an apostle anointed to administer the law, for it is not the desire of the shepherd but the will of the Lord who is God."

Dominion Over the Shepherd

"For as much as the Lord has dominion over the shepherd and the shepherd over his apostles and the apostles over all the generations of Ethiopia; then shall the Lord our God administer p. 31 to the shepherd and the shepherd to his apostles and the apostles to all the children of Ethiopia.

"Woe be unto an apostle who is anointed to administer the law and neglect or deny it. Verily he shall be cast out and the hand of the Lord shall come upon him with sorrow and disgrace.

"Woe be unto those who saith I will not be united, neither will I follow the shepherd, they shall be as sheep without a shepherd only to be destroyed by the wolf of the field.

"Woe be unto those who saith I hearken not to the voice of the shepherd but go the way of the majority, for in the majority the spirit of the lord will not be found.

"Woe be unto those who saith I will not worship in the house of the Lord subsidiary to the house of Athlyi."


"For as much as the house of Athlyi is founded by the holy spirit to purify the children of Ethiopia and to administer the holy law commanded to them by the Lord God of all mercies, that they in the end shall be ushered in the kingdom of his Divine Majesty by faith through consecration in love, justice and by the p. 32 pledging of life's loyalty to a prolific and defensive cause for the welfare of mankind.

"Let not the least or the greatest of the children give a deaf ear to the saying of the shepherd thereof, for through the mouth of the shepherd cometh the word of the Lord to the adherents of the Holy Law."

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