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1. Jamaica references.

Bates, JAFL[1] 9

Creole Folk-lore from Jamaica; I. Proverbs; II. Nancy stories; by William C. Bates. JAFL 9:38-42; 121-126. 1896.


Obeah, by H. J. Bell. London 1889.

Cundall FL[2] 15, 16

Folk-lore of the Negroes of Jamaica, by Frank Cundall. FL 15:87-94; 206-214; 450-456; 16:68-77. 1904, 1905.


Jamaica Song and Story, by Walter Jekyll, with an introduction by Alice Werner. Publications Folk-Lore Society 55, London, 1907.


Journal of a West India Proprietor (1815-1817), by Matthew Gregory Lewis. London, 1834.


Mama's Black Nurse Stories, by Mrs. M. P. Milne-Home. Edinburgh & London, 1890.

Musgrave, FLR[3] 3 pt. 1

Ananci Stories, furnished by W. A. S. Musgrave. FLR 3, pt. 1; 53-54. London, 1880.

Newell, JAFL 9

Abstracts from Milne-Home, by W. W. Newell. JAFL 9:126-128. 1896.

Robinson, FL 4

Obeah Worship in East and West Indies: in Jamaica, by May Robinson. 207-213. 1893.


Anancy Stories, by Pamela Coleman Smith. New York, 1899.

Smith, JAFL 9

Two Negro Stories from Jamaica, by Pamela Coleman Smith. 278.

Trowbridge, JAFL 9

Negro Customs and Folk-stories of Jamaica, by Ada Wilson Trowbridge. 279-287. 1896.

Udal, FL 26

Obeah in the West Indies, by J. S. Udal. 253-295. London, 1915.


[1. Journal of American Folk-Lore (New York.)

2. Folk-Lore. (London.)

3. Folk-Lore Record. (London.)]

{p. 224}

Wake, FLJ 1

Ananci Stories (abstracts from Lewis), by C. Staniland Wake. FLJ 1: 280-292. London, 1883.


Selection of Ananci Stories, by Wona (Mrs. Charles Wilson). Kingston, 1899.


2. General References.


La Guinée française, by André Arcin, Paris, 1907.

Backus, JAFL 11

Animal Tales from North Carolina, by Emma M. Backus. JAFL 11:284-291, 1898,

Backus, JAFL 12

Tales of the Rabbit from Georgia Negroes, by Emma M. Backus. JAFL 12:108-115. 1899.

Backus, JAFL 13

Folk-tales from Georgia, by Emma M. Backus, JAFL 13:19-32. 1900.

Backus, JAFL 25

Negro Tales from Georgia, collected by Mrs. Backus & Mrs. Leitner. 125-136. 1912.


West African Folk-tales, by W. H. Barker & Cecilia Sinclair. London, 1917.

Basset, 1

Contes Populaires Berbères, by Réné Basset. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 12, Paris, 1887.

Basset, 2

Nouveaux Contes Berbères, by Réné Basset. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 23, Paris, 1897.


Contes Populaires de la Senegambia. by L. J. B. Bérenger-Féraud. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 9, Paris, 1885.


Reynard the Fox in South Africa; or Hottentot Fables and Tales, by Wilhelm Heinrich Imanuel Bleek. London, 1864.

Bleek, Bushman

Specimens of Bushman Folk-lore, by W. H. I. Bleek, edited by Lucy C. Lloyd, with an introduction by George McCall Theal. London, 1911.

Boas, JAFL 25

Notes on Mexican Folk-lore, by Franz Boas. JAFL 25:204-260. 1912.

Boas and Simango, JAFL 35

Tales and Proverbs of the Vandau of Portuguese S. Africa. JAFL 35:151-204.


{p. 225}

Bolte und Polívka

Anmerkungen zu den Kinder-und Hausmärchen der Brüder Grimm. 3 vols. Leipzig, 1913-1918.

Bundy, JAFL 32.

Folk-tales from Liberia, by Richard C. Bundy. JAFL 32. 406-427. 1919.


Nursery Tales, Traditions and History of the Zulus, by H. Callaway. London 1868.


Folk-tales of Angola, by Héli Chatelain. MAFLS[1] 1. 1894.


Afro-American Folk-lore. Told around cabin fires of the Sea Islands of South Carolina, by A. M. H. Christensen. Boston, 1892.

Cleare, JAFL 30

Four Folk-tales from Fortune Islands, Bahamas, by W. T. Cleare. JAFL 30:228--229. 1917.

Cronise and Ward

Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider and the other Beef. West African Folk-tales, by Florence M. Cronise and Henry W. Ward. London & New York, 1903.


Folk-stories from Southern Nigeria, West Africa, by Elphinstone Dayrell, with an introduction by Andrew Lang. London, 1910.


Natursagen, by Oskar Dähnhardt, Leipzig, 1907-1912.


Notes on the Folk-lore of the Fjort (French Congo), by R. E. Dennett. Publications Folk Lore Society 41, London, 1897.


Bahama Songs and Stories, by Charles L. Edwards. MAFLS 3, 1895.

Ellis, Tshi

The Tshi-speaking Peoples of the Gold Coast of West Africa, by Alfred Burdon Ellis. London, 1887.

Ellis, Ewe

The Ewe-speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa. London, 1890.

Ellis, Yoruba

The Yoruba-speaking Peoples of the Slave Coast of West Africa. London, 1894.

Elmslie FL 3

Folk-lore Tales of Central Africa (Nyassaland), by D. Elmslie. FL 3:92-110. 1892.

Ernst, VBGAEU 20

Tio Tigre and Tio Conejo (Venezuela), by A. Ernst. Verh. Berlin Ges. Anthrop., Ethn. u. Urgesch. 20:274-278.


[1. Memoirs of the American Folk-Lore Society. (New York.)]

{p. 226}

Espinosa, JAFL 24, 27

New-Mexican Spanish Folk-lore, by Aurelio M. Espinosa. JAFL 24:397-444; 27:119-147. 1911, 1914.

Espinosa, JAFL 27

Comparative Notes on Spanish Folk-tales, JAFL 27:211-231, 1914.

Espinosa, JAFL 27

Folk-tales of the Tepecanos, collected by J. Alden Mason, edited by Aurelio M. Espinosa. JAFL 27: 148-210. 1914.

Espinosa, JAFL 28

Folk-tales from Oaxaca, collected by Paul Radin, edited by Aurelio Espinosa. JAFL 28:390-408. 1915.


Contes Populaires Malgaches, by Gabriel Ferrand. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 19, Paris, 1893.


Louisiana Folk-tales in the French Dialect and English Translation, by Alcée Fortier. MAFLS 2, 1895.


Volksmärchen der Kabylen, by Leo Frobenius, Jena, 1921.

Frazer, FLJ 7

A South African Red Riding-Hood, by J. S. Frazer. FLJ 7:167-168.

Harris, Friends

Uncle Remus and His Friends. Boston & New York, 1892.

Harris, Nights

Nights with Uncle Remus. Boston & New York, 1911.

Harris, Uncle Remus

Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings, by Joel Chandler Harris. New York & London, 1919.


Amazonian Tortoise Myths, by Charles F. Hartt. Rio de Janeiro, 1875.

Hollis, Masai

The Masai, Their Language and Folk-lore, by A. C. Hollis. Oxford, 1905.

Hollis, Nandi

The Nandi, Their Language and Folk-lore. Oxford, 1909.


Treasury of Basuto Lore, by E. Jacottet. Part 1. Folk-tales of the Basuto, South Africa & London, 1908.

Johnston, JAFL 9

Two Negro Tales (Louisiana), by Mrs. William Preston Johnston. JAFL 9:194-198. 1896.


Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast, by C. C. Jones, Boston & New York, 1888.


{p. 227}


Les Chants et I-es Contes des Ba-Ronga de la Baie de Delagoa, by Henri A. Junod. Lausanne, 1897.


Upper Egypt, by Karl B. Klunziger. New York, 1878.


Vom Roroim zum Orinoco, by Theodor Koch-Grünberg, Berlin, 1916.


African Native Literature, or Proverbs, Fables and Historical Fragments in the Kanuri or Bornu Language (and translation) by S. W. Koelle. London, 1854.

Krug, JAFL 25, 32

Bulu Tales from Kamerun, West Africa, by Adolph N. Krug. JAFL 25:106-124, 1912.

Kunst, JAFL 28

Some Animal Fables of the Chuh Indians (Guatemala), by J. Kunst. JAFL 28:353. 1915.

Lee, JAFL 5

Some Negro Lore from Baltimore, by Collins Lee. JAFL 5:110-112. 1892.


Araukanische Märchen und Erzählungen, by Dr. Rudolf Lenz. Valparaiso, 1896.

Lenz, Estudios

Estudios Araucanos, by Dr. Rudolph Lenz. Anales de la Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile 1895-97.


Africana, by Duff MacDonald. London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, 1882.

Mason, JAFL 27

Folk-tales of the Tepecanos, by J. Alden Mason, edited by A. M. Espinosa, JAFL 27:148-210. 1914.

Mechling, JAFL 25

Stories from Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, by W. H. Mechling. JAFL 25:199-203. 1912.

Mechling JAFL 29

Stories and Songs from the Southern Atlantic Coastal Region of Mexico, by W. H. Mechling. JAFL 29:547-558. 1916.


Where Animals Talk. West African Folk-lore Tales, by Robert H. Nassau. Boston, 1912.

Nassau, JAFL 28

Batanga Tales. JAFL 28:24-51. 1915. (Text in JAFL 30:262-268.)

Parsons, Andros Island

Folk-tales of Andros Island, Bahamas, by Elsie Clews Parsons. MAFLS 13, 1918.

Parsons, Sea Islands

Folk-lore of the Sea Islands, South Carolina, by Elsie Clews Parsons. MAFLS 16, 1923.

Parsons, JAFL 30

Tales from Guilford County, North Carolina, JAFL 30:168-200. 1917.


{p. 228}

Parsons, JAFL 30

Tales from Maryland and Pennsylvania. JAFL 30:209-217. 1917.

Parsons, JAFL 30.

Ten Folk-tales from the Cape Verde Islands. JAFL 30:230-238. 1917.

Parsons FL 28, 29, 30

The Provenience of Certain Negro Folk-tales FL 28:408-414; 29:206-218; 30:227-234. London, 1917, 1918, 1919.

Parsons, JAFL 32

Folk-tales from Students in Tuskegee Institute, Alabama; Folk-tales from Students in the Georgia State College, (edited). JAFL 32: 397-405. 1919.

Penard, JAFL 30

Surinam Folk-tales, by A. P. & T. E. Penard. JAFL 30:239-250. 1917.

Radin, JAFL 28

Folk-tales from Oaxaca, collected by Paul Radin, edited by Espinosa JAFL 28:390-408. 1915.


Hausa Folk-lore, customs, proverbs, collected and transliterated, by R. S. Rattray, with a preface by R. R. Marett. 2 Vol. Oxford, 1913.

Rattray, Chinyanje

Some Folk-lore Stories and Songs in Chinyanje, by R. S. Rattray, London, 1907.

Recinos, JAFL 31

Cuentos Populares de Guatemala, by Adrian Recinos. JAFL 31:472-487. 1918.


Contes de Madagascar, by Charles Renel. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 37, 38, Paris, 1910.


Contes Populaires de la Kabylie du Djvrdjvra, by J. Rivière. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 4, Paris, 1882.


Cuentos populares araucanos y chilenos, S. de Saurière, Revista de Folklore Chileño, 7:1-282, Santiago de Chile, 1918.

Schwab, JAFL 27, 32

Bulu Folk-tales, by George Schwab. JAFL 27:266-288; 32:428-437. 1914, 1919.

Smiley, JAFL 32

Folk-lore from Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida, by Portia Smiley. JAFL 32:357-383. 1919.


Brazil, the Amazons and the Coast, by Herbert Smith. New York, 1879.


Swahili Tales as Told by Natives of Zanzibar, by Edward Steere. London, 1889.


{p. 229}

Stewart, JAFL 32

Seven Folk-tales from the Sea-islands, South Carolina, by Sadie E. Stewart. JAFL 32:394-396. 1919.


Kaffir Folk-lore, by George McCall Theal. London, 1882.


Specimens of Bantu Folk-lore from Northern Rhodesia, by J. Torrend. London & New York, 1921.


Hausa Superstitions and Customs, by A. J. N. Tremearne. London, 1913.

Tremearne, Tailed Head-hunters

Tailed Head-hunters of Nigeria, by A. J. N. Tremearne, London, 1912.

Tremearne FL 21, 22

Fifty Hausa Folk-tales, by A. J. N. Tremearne. FL. 21:199-215; 351-365; 487-503. 22:60-73; 218-228; 341-348; 457-473. 1910 & 1911.

Weeks, FL 12.

Stories and other Notes from the Upper Congo, by John H. Weeks. FL 12:181-189. 1901.

Weeks, FL 20

Leopard in the Maise-farm; a Lower Congo Folk-tale. FL 20:209-211. 1909.


Contes du Senegal et du Niger, by Fr. De Zeltner. Collection de Contes et de Chansons Populaires 40, Paris, 1913.


3. Riddle References.

Andros Island [Parsons]

Riddles from Andros Island (Bahamas), by Elsie Clews Parsons, JAFL 30: 275-277. 1917.

Argyleshire [Maclagen]

Games and Diversions of Argyleshire, by R, C. Maclagen. PFLS[1] 47: 179-184.1901.

Canadian [Waugh and Wintemberg]

Canadian Folk-lore from Ontario, by F. W. Waugh and W. J. and K. H, Wintemberg. JAFL 31:63--72; 123-124; 133. 1918.

Catalan [Briz]

Endevinallas Populares Catalanas, by F. P. Briz. Barcelona, 1882.

Dorsetshire: Notes and Queries

Dorsetshire Riddles. Notes and Queries, 3rd series 9:50. 1866.


[1. Publication of the Folk-Lore Society. (London.)]

{p. 230}

Eastern Bantu [Seidel]

Geschichten und Lieder der Afrikaner, by A. Seidel, 176-309. Berlin, 1899.

England, Nursery Rhymes of [Halliwell]

Nursery Rhymes of England, by J. O. Halliwell, Percy Society 4:91-97. London 1842.

English: Booke of Merry Riddles [Halliwell]

Booke of Merry Riddles, by J. 0. Halliwell 1629. Literature of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. London, 1851.

English: Fashionable Puzzler

Fashionable Puzzler or Book of Riddles, selected: with remarks on riddles by Mrs. Barbauld. New York, 1835.

English: New Collection

New Collection of Enigmas, Charades, Transpositions. London, 1791.

English: Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales [Halliwell]

Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, by J. O. Halliwell. 1848.

English: Puniana

Puniana, edited by the Hon. Hugh Rowley. London, 1872.

English: Puzzles Old and New

Puzzles Old and New, by Professor Hoffman. London and New York, undated.

English: Riddler (New Haven)

The Riddler: Paradoxes and Puzzles (paper). New Haven, 1835.

English: Riddler (Boston)

The Riddler. No. 4 Cornhill, Boston (paper, undated).

Guilford County [Parsons]

Negro Riddles from Guilford County, North Carolina, by Elsie Clews Parsons. JAFL 30:201-207. 1917.

Hausa [Tremearne]

Hausa Superstitions and Customs, by A. J. N. Tremearne, 58-60. London, 1913.

Holme Riddles [Tupper]

Holme Riddles: 1640, by Frederick Tupper. Publications of the Modern Language Association, New Series 9: 211-272. 1903.


{p. 231}

Irish [McCall]

Folk-lore Riddles: Irish and Anglo-Irish, by P. J. McCall. Journal of the National Literature Society of Ireland 1 pt. 2.

Lancashire, Notes and Queries

Household Riddles, Notes and Queries, 3rd series, 9:86.

Lincolnshire: Notes and Queries

Lincolnshire Riddles. Notes and Queries, 3rd series 8:502-504. 1:865.

Mexican [Boas]

Notes on Mexican Folk-lore, by Franz Boas. JAFL 25:227-231. 1912.

Mexican [Recinos]

Riddles from Mexico, by A. Recinos. JAFL 31:537-549. 1918.

Nandi [Hollis]

The Nandi: their Language and Folk-lore, by A. C. Hollis, 133-151. Oxford, 1909.

New Mexican Spanish [Espinosa]

New Mexican Spanish Folk-lore: Riddles, by A. M. Espinosa. JAFL 28:319-352: 31:363-364. 1915, 1918.

New Orleans (Perkins)

Riddles from Negro School children in New-Orleans, La., by A. E. Perkins. JAFL 35: 105-115.

Pennsylvania Dutch [Stoudt]

Pennsylvania German Riddles and Nursery Rhymes, by Ino. Baer Stoudt, JAFL 19: 113-121. 1906.

Porto Rican [Mason]

Porto Rican Folk-lore: Riddles, by J. A. Mason. JAFL 29: 423-504. 1916.

Scotland, Popular Rhymes of [Chambers]

Popular Rhymes of Scotland, by Robert Chambers. London and Edinburgh, 1841.

Suaheli [Velten]

Hundert Suaheli-Rätsel, by C. Velten. Mitteilungen des Seminars fur Orientalische Sprachen zu Berlin: Afrikanische Studien 1-11. Berlin, 1904.

Suahili [Steere]

Swahili Tales as told by Natives of Zanzibar, by Edward Steere, 419-421. London, 1889.

Welsh-Gypsy [Sampson]

Fifty Welsh-Gypsy Folk-riddles, by John Sampson. Journal of the Gypsy-lore Society 5: 241. 1911.


{p. 232}

West Highlands [Campbell]

Popular Tales of the West Highlands, by J. F. Campbell, 2:406-423, London, 1890.

Yorkshire: Notes and Queries

Yorkshire Riddles, by Baring Gould. Notes and Queries, 3rd series 8: 325. 1865.


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