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112. Difficult Tasks.

Julia Gentle, Santa Cruz Mountains.

A boy live with a very rich gentleman, and he have no children and he believe that when he die, the boy get all the fortune; so he want to kill the boy. And he throw out a barrel of rice and say boy must pick up every grain before he come back. And dead mother come and pick up every grain.

And when he come and see the boy pick up all the rice, say, "You mean to get all me fortune!" He tell the boy must go to the headman town and carry away the duppy-man one bell. An the dead mother go with the boy and the mother tell the boy what time the duppy lie down he must mash them hard. And he go take the bell out the middle of the town where the duppy is, and must run to four cross-roads before he come home with the bell. Then all the duppy scatter; one go one crossroad and one another, and the boy run home to massa with the bell.

{p. 148}

Then after he carry the bell come home, the man say, "I don' know what to do! I believe you going to get me fortune!" And him tak one sword, the sharpest sword, and give the boy the dull sword and say, "We now play sword!" And the boy take the dull sword and kill the man and get all the fortune.

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