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111. The Boy and the Mermaid.

Emily Alexander, Mandeville.

Once a little boy went to the river to bathe. He was washed away to sea and his parents heard nothing about him, but he was told before going that if he went he would be drowned.

But he was a smart little boy. A mermaid came and took him and carried him to the bottom of the sea and asked him certain questions: If he ate fish? he said "No." If he ate beef? he said "No." If he ate mutton? he said "No." If he ate pork? he said "No." If he had said "Yes," the mermaid would have killed him, because its body was made of fish, beef, mutton and pork. So, as he didn't eat any of those things, the mermaid carried him to the shore, threw him out, and a sheep took him up. The master of the sheep asked him certain questions,--where he was from and what was his name. He told him and they carried him to his home. They were so glad to see him they went and invited friends to come and help them enjoy themselves and make merry.

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