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77. Alimoty and Aliminty.

Julia Gentle, Santa Cruz Mountains.

One day a lady have two daughter, but her sister have one. Sister daughter name Alimoty. An' everybody love Alimoty, but nobody love him daughter. An' him go to de Lion an' say to de Lion he mus' kill Alimoty for him. Den de Lion say him mus' put on red frock on Alimoty an' blue frock on to him daughter when him going to bed. An' after him going to bed, de girl say, "Cousin Alimoty, yo' red frock don' fit you; let us swap!" An' deh swap. An' de Lion kill de lady daughter, lef' one. Den de lady tell de Lion mus' kill Alimoty whom everybody love an' don' love him daughter. Den he said, "To-night you mus' sew on de' red frock on Alimoty an' de blue frock on to you daughter, an' I come an' kill him to-night." And when deh go to bed, deh swap again, an' de Lion kill de lady daughter,--have none now! Den de Lion said, "Tomorrow sen' Alimoty to me yard; I will kill him." Den Alimoty was going t'ru de yard an' de dead mudder give him a bottle of milk, drop it an' run off. Alimoty sing,--

"Poor me, Alimoty,
Poor Alimoty,
A me Dickie sahnie o-o
See me go long a wid two."

An' Aliminty was a hunter and hear de singin' an' say, "Dat Alimoty v'ice!" An' he came to de Lion yard an' kill de Lion.

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