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76. The Greedy Child.

a. Crossing the River.

George Barrett, Maroon Town, Cock-pit country.

De chil'ren was gwine to school an' ev'ry day de ol' man tek de chil'ren dem ober de ribber. De ol' man ax dem fe some of 'em breakfas'. All de chil'ren gi' him some but one don' gi him some. Till he 'point a day come, de ol' man say he wan' somet'ing from him, an' he wouldn't gi' it. When he coming back., de ribber come down. Tek ober de rest of de chil'ren an' wouldn't tek ober dat. Little boy sing,

"Mudder Galamo,
I gwine dead t'-day!"

De ol' man says, "Stop singin'." Eb'ry time sing, de water come up a little higher. Jus' to heah, dat time his mudder comin'. Ol' man say, "I mus' hev two pounds." She say all right, an tek him ober. An' dat time, eb'ry day he offer de ol' man breakfas'.

b. The Plantain.

Philipp Brown, Mandeville.

Eb'ry night de Debbil go out. An' as him go out, come in an' say, "Wife, I scent fresh blood!" De wife said to him, "No, me husband, no fresh blood in heah!" Was de wife's sisters come an' look fe him. So eb'ry night when de debbil coming in, de wife know when him coming in an' put up de sister into a barrel.

{p. 88}

Daylight a mo'ning, de Debbil gone back ober de ribber gone sit down. So gi' de sister a plantain an' tell her when she reach de hill, him will see her husband sit down right ober de hill, an de Debbil will say, "Go s'y (go your way), madame?" An' mus say, "No one go s'y, no two go s'y, no t'ree go s'y, but, 'im go s'y fe him mamma," an' de Debbil let him pass. Got a little small sister. Dis sister greedy. An' de Debbil come in de night say, "Me wife, eb'ry night I come, I smell fresh blood!" An' de wife said, "No, me husband!" An' when de daylight, de Debbil go away ober to de hill an' de sister send away de little girl an' gi' him a plantain. An' when de little girl go on de hill, him see de Debbil. De Debbil say, "Go s'y?" De little girl say (him so greedy now), "No, go s'y fe mamma, no one go s'y, no two go' s'y, no t'ree go s'y, no go s'y fe mamma." De Debbil ketch him ober de hill an carry him right ober to de ribber an' kill him. An' from dat day, de Debbil hair off him head at de sea-side; an' from dat de sea got moss.

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