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52. Why Toad Croaks.

Richard Morgan, Sonia Cruz Mountains.

One man got a darter. He said, "Got one cotton tree; de man cut dat cotton tree, he marry to me darter." Every man go cut, soon dey cut de chip fasten back; so dem couldn't get de girl to marry. Toad said him go fall him. Toad full in pocket a hashes an' every chop him chop him fling de hashes upon de tree when de chip fly, and 'ey kyan't fasten. So Toad do an' do till he fell de cotton tree.

{p. 59}

De master hab a long barbecue an' tell him say, "Now you mus' go down dere and 'trip yo'self an' I wi' pour on de water to let you skin." All dis time one big pot hot water on de fire boil up, so dem turn over de pot o' hot water an' say, "Brar Toad, water come! tak you rubbin' clot'." An' Toad jump in wild pine; up to dis day, ev'ry night you hear him cry out, "Kwoka soaka!"

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