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51. Why Hog is always Grunting.

Norman Hilton, Harmony Hall.

Brar Hog and Brar Dog live close by river-side, so Brar Dog said to Brar Hog, "Come! we get a bathe!" Brar Hog said yes, so Brar Hog took off his mout' and Brar Dog an' Brar Hog jump in the water. Brar Dog said to Brar Hog, "Come! let us see who can dive longer than the other." So two of them dive underneath the water. Brar Dog come up, jump out of the water, take Brar Hog mout' and went away with it. When Brar Hog come out of the water, searching for his mout' and couldn't fin' it, an' said, "Humph! Brar Dog tak a me mout'!" That's why Brar Hog always grunting.

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