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49. Why Rocks at the River are covered with Moss.

Sarah Vassel, Bog, Westmoreland.

Anansi was gwine out one day an' he stop a ribber-side a-eatin'. A rock-stone beg him, an' wouldn't gi' him none. After eat done, wan' to get up; rock-stone hol' him an' he couldn't get up. {p. 58} An' began to bawl. A man was coming pas' same time an' ask him, "Bredder Anansi, who been a cry heah?" Anansi said, "Don' know!" An' de man go inside de bush, go hide. Anansi holla, an' he come out an' he catch him by his two han' an' draw him right tip. Half a him 'kin lef' on de stone. Moss a grow upon rock-stone a ribber-side, Anansi skin a grow deah.

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