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48. Why Dog is always Looking.

Moses Hendricks, Mandeville.

Anansi and Dog were friends. They wanted to go into cultivation, so both of them went out in search of good lands to rent. They came across a nice bit of land. Anansi fell in love with the spot; Dog fell in love with the spot too. Anansi said to Dog he remembered when he was a little boy his father planted yams on that very spot of land,--"An' the yams did bear." Dog said, "How they bear big?" Anansi said, "Brar Dog, they bear big, they bear big like me leg!" (Anansi's leg is jus' like a thread!) Brar Dog say, "Before I work an' plant yam, an' the yam not bigger than you. leg, I sooner walk round an' look!" That's the reason why, when you're eating, a dog 'sure to be looking at you.

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