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 [11. Throwing away Knives.]


11. Throwing away Knives.

The story furnishes a good instance of local setting for an old tale, the pine-apple being well known in Jamaica. It takes two forms, that of leaving behind an implement necessary for the enjoyment for some food-supply, and that of throwing it: away, in both cases under the impression that the adviser has done the same, as in number 13.

Compare, for both spoon and knife episodes, Theal's Hlakanyana cycle, 105-107; for the knife, Nassau, 85; 90; for the spoon, Chatelain, 17 (incomplete); Tremearne, 231-233. In Dayrell, 51, the abandoned implement is a drinking-horn. In the Bahama versions of the same story (Parsons, Andros Islands, 70-74; Edwards, 80-82) the episode does not appear.

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