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 [10. Eating Tiger's Guts.]


10. Eating Tiger's Guts.

The "Just so" story, number 51, is another version of the diving plot, which is popular in Jamaica. Jekyll tells it, 7-9, in form (b).

Compare: Chatelain, 205; Junod, 208; Renel, 254; JAFL 32:395; Nights, 373-377; Parsons, Sea Islands, 40.

In all these cases, the trickster proposes diving and eats a store of food while his companion is in the water. The grotesque idea of bodily dismemberment coupled with the diving episode, I do not find in any of the parallels noted. In Parsons, Andros Island, 73, Boukee and Elephant go out bird-hunting. Boukee shoots Elephant and brings him home to the family. Boukee is brought to justice because the children are overheard singing,

"Me an' Mamma'n Pappa
Eat my belly full o' pot o' soup
Bo'o' Elephin got (gut), oh!"

For the incriminating song in version (b), see number 4.

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