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7. Eggs and Scorpions.

William Forbes, Dry River, Cock-pit country.

Blinkie[2] an' Anansi was gwine in a wood. Dem gwine in a wood fe go look egg, bird egg. An' Anansi tell Blinkie when little bird say, "Who wan' little egg?" Blinkie fe say him want little egg, an' when de big bird say, "Who wan' big egg?" Anansi say, "Me wan' big egg!" An' in de night when he get all de big egg, Blinkie get vex' an' lef' Anansi in de bush an' him fly away wid de light.

An' Anansi come a Tiger house in a night. Tiger had a sheep in yard. Anansi say, "Brar Tiger, if you gi' me dinner fe eat t'-night, I gi' you all de egg." An' Tiger say yes, an' Tiger go to de sheep an' say, "Lay out, lay out, sheep!" He lay out roas' fowl, roas' duck, an' all sort a t'ings. Anansi get at it.

[2. Fire-flies are common in Jamaica.]

{p. 12}

When he eat, say want to sleep Tiger house. Tiger set 'corpion roun' de egg. When Anansi put han' in to tak de egg, 'corpion bite him. An' holla, "Aye-e-e!" Tiger say, "Brar Anansi, wha' ha' you?" An' say, 'Me t'ree litt'e pickney an' me wife mak me a cry. Den, when Tiger gone t' bed, he t'ief away de sheep.

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