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6. Tiger's Breakfast.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

One day, Hanansi go Tiger house an' eat breakfas' every day, an' tell Tiger, say, "Brar Tiger, to-morrow you mus' come a my house; but when you hear me makin' noise you mus' come, for dat time breakfas' is on, but when you hear me stay still you mustn't come at all." So when Tiger go, Hanansi eat done. And say, "Brar Tiger, you foot short!" Tiger say, "No, me no hear you mak noise!" Hanansi say, "No, so me said, for when man makin' noise he kyan' eat." An' say, "Well, nex' day come back." When Tiger come, Hanansi tak shame, gi' him little breakfas' but say, "Brar Tiger, when we go fe eat, when I say 'Nyammy nyammy nyammy' you mus' say, 'Nyam a wha' eat'."[1] So Hanansi stay deh eat everyt'ing, Tiger never get one.

Tiger study fe him. Nex' day he go to Tiger yard. When Tiger gi' him breakfast an' gi' him enough meat he said to Tiger, "Brar Tiger, a whe' you get meat every day so?" Tiger said, "You know how me come by dis meat? When I see a cow lie down, I go up an' run me ban' inside of de cow an' hol' de man tripe, so I never out of meat." So Hanansi went his way an' do de same. De cow frighten on de hill-side an' turn head right down to lowland. Hanansi say, "Do, Brar Cow, don't shut up me han'!" Cow fasten de han' de better an' gallop right down de hill an' drag Hanansi over de stone. Dat's de reason let you see Hanansi belly white.

[1. This means, "Eat, eat, eat";--"Don't want anything to eat."]

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