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Dk. VIII, Chap. VIII, 4, probably refers to the passage containing the statement thus mentioned in Sls. X, 29:—'In the Radŏ-dâd-aîtîh many harsh things are said about the severe punishment of the unhelpful ones (avigîdâr-daîsnânŏ) 2 in the spiritual existence.'


467:1 The very short account of this Nask, in Dk. VIII, contains 88 Pahlavi words, from which the extent of its original text may be estimated (in the same way as in the case of Nask IV) at about 10,500 Avesta and 34,300 Pahlavi words.

467:2 Otherwise read hangîdâr-dahîsnânŏ, 'producers of irritation,' in S.B.E., vol. v, p. 330.

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