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1. About one supremely 2 acquainted with the three 3 codes (dâdŏ) of the Mazda-worshipping religion there is this:—One supremely acquainted

p. 408

with the three codes of the Mazda-worshipping religion is he of the primitive faith whose insight into the good religion is even such that he knows how to discriminate and announce the statements (vâkakŏ) of the Hadha-mãthric and Gâthic from those of the Law, those of the Legal and Gâthic from those of the Hadha-mãthric, and those of the Hadha-mãthric and Legal from those of the Gâthas. 2. Also to the statements (vâkakŏ) in the Law—which is superior 1 knowledge about the worldly existences—is allotted (vakhtŏ) the worldliness of the Hadha-mãthric and also of the Gâthic; to those in the Gâthas—which are superior knowledge about the spiritual existences—is allotted the spirituality of the Hadha-mãthric and even that of the Law; and to those in the Hadha-mãthra—which is superior knowledge about things intermediate between the spiritual and worldly existences—is allotted the intermediate matter (mîyânîkîh) of the Gâthic and also of the Legal 2.


407:2 Perhaps we should read avîrtar, 'more particularly,' instead of avartar.

407:3 B has 'four' by mistake here, but not afterwards.

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