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1-5. (The same as on page 2.)

6. The manuscripts mentioned are:—

B (written A.D. 1659), see page 2.

B29 (written A.D. 1679), a Persian Rivâyat, No. 29 in the University Library at Bombay.

DH (written A.D. 1813), a Dîn-vigirgard in the library of Dastûr Hôshangji Jâmâspji at Poona.

K35 (probably written A.D. 1572), a Dâdistân-î Dînîk, No. 35 in the University Library at Kopenhagen.

Mf4, Pt4 (written about A. n. 1780), in the Mullâ Fîrûz Library and in that of Dastûr Peshotanji Behramji in Bombay, respectively, both copied from a Yasna with Pahlavi, written in Irân and brought to India about A.D. 1478, which was a descendant of an ancestor of J2 and K5, and independent of those two authorities.

MH10 (about 150 years old), a Persian Rivâyat, No. 10 of Haug's Collection in the State Library at Munich.

O225, a Persian Rivâyat in No. 225 of Ouseley's Collection in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

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