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Varstmânsar Nask.

1. The twenty-third fargard, Airyaman 3, is the Airman supplication 4:—'That is the greatest, I tell thee, O Spîtâmân! of the pure sayings of every kind, in so much Avesta lore, this is the best, because it is given forth by him who is a very eminent producer (madam-kârtar) of sayings of every kind. 2. Which Aîrmân supplication they should recite who are beneficial 5, and the benefiter 5, through the recital of it aloud, O Spîtâmân! becomes predominant. 3. The evil spirit, who is heretical (dûsdênŏ), O Zaratûst! with his own creatures, O Spîtâmân! becomes buried in the earth; the evil spirit is among those buried in the earth—who are the demons—where their bodily form (kâlpudŏ) is completely

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shattered. 4. And up the dead are arrayed by it; through its assistance they give life back unto the body, and the embodied life they then possess is such that they do not die.'

5. It is perfect is the excellence of righteousness; it is perfect excellence that is righteousness.


302:3 See Chap. XXIII, 1 n; it is here written Aîremanŏ in Pahlavi.

302:4 See Pahl. Yas. LIII, 1 and Bk. VIII, Chap. XLIV, 8r.

302:5 Pahl. sûd-hômônd=Av. saoshyãs, referring to the future restorer of religion to the world, just before the renovation of the universe.

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